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Hans von Aachen (1552 - Mar 4, 1615), mannerist artist from German, takes the name from his dad's homeland Aachen in Germany, as an alternative to his own. Hans has been on the list of most critical painters of Emperor Rudolf II.

Hans von Aachen started art life in Germany much like a student of E. Jerrigh. Then he invested in a long time in Italy. He resided in Venice through 1574 to 1588 and then visited Florence and Rome while in that period of time. He started to be a student of Kaspar Rems first, although quickly made a decision to create his personal mannerist approach, which simply by researching masters Tintoretto as well as Michelangelo's followers. Nevertheless, throughout most of his experience he was affected by the design and style of Bartholomeus Spranger in addition to Hendrick Goltzius who took over the art world in Germany at that time.

In 1588, Hans von Aachen went back to Germany and then grew to become famous as an artist specialize in portrait paintings and noble houses. He painted ancient coupled with religious artworks and gained a huge name as well.  The Fugger family were one of his clients . He done many paintings for Duke William V of Bavaria. Hans married Regina whose father was the musician Orlando di Lasso in Munich where he entered getting in touch with the Imperial Court in Prague.  Aachen was employed standard artist of Rudolph II in 1592. He gone to live in Prague many years later wherever he remained and had been requested to work on legendary and even allegorical topics including his Liberation of Hungary.

Today, the beauty, comedy as well as sensuous moments of von Aachen's works of art and additionally the energy of his portrait painting hardly ever neglect to stand out.

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