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Carl Frederik Aagaard (1833 - 1895), was a Danish artist. He is most widely known for the landscapes of Italy's Amalfi Coast as well as Lake Como regions.

Carl was born in Denmark, he learned art at the Danish Royal Academy back then Copenhagen was actually  the location of a magnificent growing of arts contributed by Bertel Thorvaldsen along with the artist Eckersberg. Carl Frederik Aagaard developed his profession on the way to the ending of this specific time period in Denmark, he was luckily guided by the Denmark's outstanding painters when he was at the Danish Royal Academy. Besides learning sketching, Carl helped his elderly brother at studio. He trained in Hilker's studio after that, an oil artist and that he worked with Hilker on job at a University as well as other public buildings. It is said that Carl Frederik Aagaard was affected a lot by his last teacher, Peter Skoovgaard who specialize in landscape paintings. Carl Frederik showed his canvas artworks in 1857 for the very first time and had fantastic achievement and then he carried on showing artworks and visits Italy as well as Switzerland in order to make his art style more perfect.

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