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Vilmos Aba Novak,  ( Mar 15, 1894 - Sep 29, 1941), an artist as well as a printmaker. He  was basically among the most unique plus questionable masters in modern Hungarian piece of art.

Vilmos Aba was born in Budapest, Hungary. He was learning at the Art School and in 1912, he started do the job with Adolf Fenyes. During the period of 1912 and 1914, he trained in at the College of Fine Arts in Hungary. Working his assistance in the Austro-Hungarian Military on the Eastern Front all through The First World War, he began sketching at Viktor Olgyai. He was extremely keen on circuses and also the small town fair areas which can be found out in Novak's early artworks using the vibrant shades of Expressionism together with the novocento.

Somewhere between 1921 and 1923, Novak invested his summer season together with the team of painters in Szolnok and then Baia Mare, Romania. He had his initial exhibition in 1924. Hungarian Academy sent him as a Member on a financial aid to Rome and then he grew to become a famous artist of the "Roman School" in Hungarian art history.

In 1936 Vilmos Aba Novak created a large number of frescoes for the Roman Catholic Church in Szeged and also done quite a few custom orders for the Hungarian administration.  He  additionally been employed on frescoes of the Saint Stephen Mausoleum in 1938.  He was awarded by the jury's Grand Prize at the Paris World Exhibition as well as Venice Biennale during 1937 to 1940.

Vilmos Aba Novak's late life was a teacher of college of Fine Arts.

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