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Niccolo dell'Abate,  (1509 or 1512 - 1571), the great artist of the Bolognese school,  he brought in the post-Renaissance Italian art style to France along with other well-known painters including assisting to motivate the French classical school of scenery paintings.

Niccolo started his art career as a student of Antonio Begarelli who seems to be an excellent sculptor. He gained his good reputation by the artwork named "Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul" in the church of S. Pietro. His art style started in shape while he was in Bologna. It is said that Correggio and Parmigianino also had big impact on Niccolo's styles. The majority of his artwork represented complex scenery as well as aristocratic style views of sporting as well as courtly adores, which is usually ique in mythologic stories. Niccolo's stucco-surface scenery in the Poggi succeed in presenting his idea of nature.

Niccolo gone to live in France in 1552, the place he labored in the royal Chateau de Fontainebleau to be a person in the designing team in the direction of Francesco Primaticcio. After two years of his arrival he created a artwork for a decor celebrating Anne de Montmorency. He also frescoed the ceiling of a church in paris, sticking with Primaticcio's styles. Additionally, he carried out personal orders for convenient paintings of legendary topics related to landscaping. Niccolo dell'Abate developed a number of tapestries names Les Mois Arabesques, many of them were chosen with the painted enamel business. A lot of his production demonstrated a frequently ignored purpose of designers of that time period: the ephemeral holiday accessories constructed to enjoy special events in the courtroom group, one example is, the designs for the triumphal entrance into Paris taking place for Charles IX plus his new bride Elisabeth of Austria. Niccolo dell'Abate's last artworks were sixteen wall art that had been completed with the help of his child. He died in Fontainebleau in 1571.

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