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Giuseppe Abbati (Naples 1836 - Florence 1868), son of Vincenzao Abbati, was an Italian artist who was thought to be related to Macchiaioli.

Giuseppe was born in Naples. His first teacher was his father, a great architectural interiors artist. The early artworks of Giuseppe Abbati were similar to his father's artworks. In 1860 he took part in the Thousand expedition which made him lost one of his eye. Later on he went to live in Florence where he became aquainted with Silvestro Lega, Giovanni Fattori as well as many other artists of Macchiaioli.

Abbati received a medal in 1861 for his interior views but he didn't take it. Consequently, he started to be interested in landscape paintings. His art career was stopped while he was in the army for the 3rd Independence War, he was then grabbed and locked in Croatia.

The artist passed away while he was 32, he was regarded as one of the greatest artists of the Italian XIX Century.

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