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Louise Abbema  (French, 1858 - 1927) was an artist, sculptor, and also designer from French.

Louise was born in etampes, Essonne. She started his art career when she is a child, and was a student of Jean-Jacques Henner and Carolus-Duran. Louise Abbema became well-known for her artworks in 1876 when she created a portrait painting of her close friend, Sarah Bernhardt who was an actress. Abbema was a frequent artist at Salon, and in 1881 she received a gold medal for a couple of attractive panels.

Afther that, she continued to work on many other notables's paintings, as well as created panels together with murals which often embellished lost of theatres such as the Paris Town Hall, the Paris Opera House and so on.

Louise was good at oil paintings on canvas and even watercolors, she was affected by many Japanese and Chinese artists, and also many other famous oil painting masters, like Manet. She persistently painted florals in her artworks. There are many famous paintings among them, for example, Among the Flowers, The Seasons, April Morning, Winter,  Place de la Concorde and many more.

During Louise Abbema's art career she supplied a number of big panneaux decoratifs for the individual houses in addition to public architecture. With the social orders she took were artworks to enhance the city hallways of numerous arrondissements in France. Abbema also  done many portrait paintings of well known people. Besides,  she was also an experienced printmaker, sculptor, not to mention a article writer who created frequent contributions to the journals Gazette des Beaux-Arts and L'Art.

Along with the numerous awards conferred on the artist was Palme Academiques, 1887 as well as nomination to be "Official Painter of the Third Republic." Louise was also granted a bronze medal at the 1900 Exposition Universelle.

In 1927, Louise Abbema died in Paris. Her artworks have been completely experiencing a new recognition and her oil painting reproductions are also popular in the market nowadays.

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