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Edwin Austin Abbey (Apr 1, 1852 -  Aug 1, 1911) was a famous painter as well as an illustrator from the United Sates. He blossomed at the start of so what is today called the "fantastic age" of illustration, Edwin was also famous for his sketches and additionally oil artworks depicts Shakespearean together with Victorian topics, and even for his artwork of Edward VII's coronation. The quest of the holy grail is his most well-known art.

Edwin Austin Abbey was born in 1852  in Philadelphia , he was working at Harpers when he was nineteen years old and, regardless of achievement, reputation as well as boosts, Edwin departed to go after a totally free-lance profession while  he was twenty two .In 1876, he went back to his first workplace, at the age of twenty four, a cunning expert at the around 50 dollars per week  which is much more than his earnning in 1871. During 1876  Centennial Show which in turn introduced a large number of Western works of art to America. Edwin was motivated by many famous artists,  such as Leighton, Boughton, and many more. It is said that pre-Raphaelites artworks had big influence on his art style and  initially identified to be an illustrator for many publications. In 1878 he wen to England in order to further more building his style considering British artists like J.W. Waterhouse and so on. He spent most of his time in there.

Edwin's interest in the pageantry as well as episode from the stories of Shakespeare brought  him many orders of designing sets, costumes along with items for the theater. In 1898 he develop into a part of the Royal Academy. He was asked to create a painting of  the coronation of King Edward II in 1902, and enjoyed the rest of his profession working on murals for many different community architectures and artworks about Shakespearean topics.

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