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Lemuel Francis Abbott (b Leicestershire, c.1760; d London, c.5 Dec. 1802) was basically an English portrait artist who is well-known for popular eighteenth-century British figures.

Abbott was born in Leicestershire being the son of the clergyman in 1760. When he was 14 years old, he had been a student of Francis Hayman and also spent his life in London, uk. After the death of Hayman, he went back home and carried on study art on his own. It is also said that Lemuel could perhaps have learned along with Joseph Wright of Derby.

Lemuel Francis Abbott grew to become experienced in portrait painting, having a ability for catching the likeness of his figures precisely. He created many famous artworks like portrayals of naval hero Horatio Nelson, diplomat and colonial governor George Macartney and also poet William Cowper. Abbott migrated to London in 1780, and he married Anna Maria, residing for quite some time in Caroline Street of Bloomsbury. During the period of 1788 and 1800, he had a lot of his paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy. In 1798 he was reported mad and therefore was taken care of by Dr Thomas Munro, who is the main physician to Bethlem Hospital as well as a professional in psychological diseases. Abbott passed away in London on Dec 5th 1802.

Lemuel Francis Abbott's portrait paintings currently hang in the many of the most famous museums in The uk, which includes the Tate Gallery and also National Portrait Gallery.

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