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Louis Abel-Truchet (1857-1918) was a significant artist, etcher, as well as lithographer from France. He was a very important artist at the Salon d'Automne, the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts,in addition to  La Societe des Humoristes . Louis is normally well known for his artworks about coffee shops, bookstores, cinemas, boutiques, daily life, and also trendy Parisians developing a crucial part with the topic. In spite of that, Louis also created several depictions of the exhibitions within the Moulin Rouges plus night scenes from the Folies Bergere as well as the Cirque Medrano.

Louis Abel-Truchet were student of Julian Lefebvre along with Benjamin Constant. Since 1891 he displayed his artworks in many different salons, he was also one of the members founded  the Salon d'Automne as well as the Societe des Humoristes. Even though Louis was inspired by Impressionism, he can certainly be satirical. Louis Abel-Truchet's paintings concentrated on the Belle Epoque, making hime connected with other famous painters like Steinlen and Galien-Laloue.

Abel-truchet went to the The First World War while he was 57 years old. He lead one of the First Regiment du Genie in charge of camouflage. He was granted the Croix de Guerre with regard to his efforts. Louis created a number of lithographs illustrating moments coming from his encounters. He passed away in a couple of months before the war ends.

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