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John Absolon (1815 - May 5, 1895) was a British watercolor artist. He was born in Lambeth, Surrey in 1815. John's father built a studio for him at their house to motivate his creative gifts and therefore he started displaying his arworks while he was seventeen years old.

Before he came to Paris, he was working in Covent Garden to create landscapes and portrait paintings. While he went back to London, John resided and worked at his dad's house exactly where a fire happened on 26 March 1836. Very quickly, the fire spread out towards the Western Exchange as well as thence straight into Burlington Arcade. Due to the Too little of water, even though rapidly on the area, fire motors could not function. John was at a opera while the fire accident happened, but he lost of all of his artworks which he took years to complete them.

It is said that Queen Victoria also like John Absolon's artworks, she organized shows of Shakespeare's plays at Windsor with the artist supplying the colored surroundings.

Absolon died on 26 June 1895.

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