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Abstract art usually works on the visual expressions of design, style, lines, brushstrokes,size, scale as well as varity of colours to make a arrangement which might be present along with a level of flexibility from visual sources on the planet. It could be a canvas painting or perhaps sculpture which doesn't illustrate people, location or even element in normal world -- sometimes abstract images can be created in a very deformed or exaggerated way.

Abstract art started in 1911 along with a great number of famous abstract artworks and artists, for example  Picture with a Circle (1911) by Wassily Kandinsky who is a master in abstract paintings. He  deemed that colours cause feelings on people. Red color was vibrant and also positive; Green color can make people feel peaceful with inner power; Yellow color could possibly be cozy, thrilling, troubling or completely crazy; in addition to White color appeared quiet yet rich in choices.

The interesting thing about abstract canvas wall art is that it can be interpreted in various ways. One abstract canvas can mean different things for several people. Anyone can enjoy abstract art because of its versatility. There are 3 main categories of abstract canvas art. One is abstract expressionaism, another is cubism which was made popular by Pablo Picasso, and the third is neoclassism.

There is a another class of abstract art called supermatism. It is less known than the other three popular types of abstract canvas art. Supermatism is characterized by minimalistic use of colors, figures and geometrical shapes within a painting. It is considered a pure form of abstract canvas art and sometimes invoke spiritual meaning to some people. This form of abstract canvas art started in Russia.

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