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Andreas Achenbach,  (Sept. 29, 1815 - April 1, 1910) was a German artist specializes in landscape paintings. He was also a pioneer of the German realist school.

Andreas was born in Kassel, he started his art training in 1827 as student of Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow at the Dusseldorf Academy of Art. He also trained in St Petersburg as well as journeyed in Scandinavia, Italy and The netherlands. Andrea's bright art skills contributed financial achievement very soon. He was the initial painter of the Dusseldorf school who paint nature for itself. He used the pseudo-idealism of the German romantic school on his early oil paintings, however,  in 1835 while shifting to Munic, the more powerful affect of Louis Gurlitt transformed his gift into fresh routes, and then he grew to become the creator of the German realistic school. Despite the fact that his landscape paintings evince a lot of his focus on picture-making as well as loss individual character, he is definitely a master of approach, and also is typically crucial to be a reformer. In 1855 Andreas Achenbach got a medal of the 1st class in Paris, and even was titled a Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor. In spite of not being the trainer at the Academy, like his little brother Oswald Achenbach, his detailed, natural technique to scenery art, had a massive impact on German landscape painting.

Numerous Andreas's best paintings can be discovered at the Berlin National Gallery. Quite a lot of his artworks located at galleries of America.

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