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Albrecht Adam (1786 - 1862) was a famous German artist who specializes in warfare as well as paintings of horses.

Adam was born in Nordlingen, he started to be a apprentice worker of confectioner and then proceeded to go to Nuremberg to start his education in 1803. Nevertheless, he was affected by the director of Academy of Fine Arts and also Johann Rugendas and focused on battle topics and horse paintings. He spent some time in Vienna after his taking part in the Austrian campaign of 1809. In Vienna he attracted the eye of Napoleon's stepson Eugene de Beauharnais and therefore ended up being employed as his court artist.

The majority of Albrecht Adam's following oil paintings were related to Russian campaign of Napoleon, he was reagarded as a war painter. Along with his identify of court artist, Adam was also granted an officer's position. Along with his other well-known paintings, he created the journal of the campaign in eighty three scenes.

The artist moved to Munich in 1815, the place he was populated by the emperors as well as leaders of Austria and even Bavaria. It is said that Theodor Horschelt, the famous war paintings also visited Adam's studios very often. Albrecht Adam worked well until finally aged, creating combat and also representing horses, despite the fact that in the later oil paintings he needed the assistance of his children.

In 1862, he died in Munich.

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