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John Ottis Adams was an American artist who speialize in impressional paintings, he is also one of the Hoosier group of Indiana artists.

John was born in Amity of Indiana in 1851 and after sereral moving of his family, they finally lived in Shelbyville. The artist showed his great interest in art while he was a child. John went to Wabash College in 1871 and then learing art in london. His artworks was influenced by landscape masters like Turner as well as John Constable.

In 1880, Adams went to Munich to study art at the Royal Academy for two years and then entered into the painting school of Ludwig von Loefftz. He opened his studio when he left the school and spent a lot of his time in the cosmopolitan city. He went back to Indiana in 1887 where he opened a new studio and also working as a teacher. In 1894, he took part in a very recognized group show of a number of Hoosier painters who journeyed from Indianapolis to Chicago. Their artworks are loved by lots of people there.

Throughout a timeframe of recovery in Florida, John started to be enthusiastic about discovering as well as working on sup-tropical scenery. He begun to spend quite a long time in Florida with his son and friends.  He went back to Indiana in 1926 and passed away on Jan 28, 1927.

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