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Mariotto Albertinelli, the full name is Mariotto Albertinelli di Biagio di Bindo who was a High Renaissance Italian artist, his art was said to be influenced by great art master Raphael Sanzio.

Mariotto Albertinelli's art style is well-known for an extremely impressive, heroic approach. Especially his religious paintings present an obsessed zealotry.  The people in his artworks were painted as heavenly beings, no matter in physically or spiritually. Every time, he ran out of money, he took custom orders to make it. It is said that he was also took a job as innkeeper. Evidently more likely than others to melancholia, Mariotto experienced a few complete breakdowns which triggered him to escape to the mountains to survive as a hermit for several weeks.  Anyway, he is regarded as undoubtedly one of the best Italian artists in history.

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