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Altichiero da Verona, also known as Aldighieri da Zevio, was a painter of Gothic style in Italy. His paintings show the beauty of nature and the horrors of war. The artist was well-known for his works of religious subject matter. His work is highly valued by art collectors and has been shown in many museums. He is a highly influential artist and is considered one of the best Italian painters of the Gothic style.

The early sources place him in high regard. His decorations for the Reggia degli Scaligeri in Verona and the Reggia dei Carraresi in Padua are well-known. However, his work in the sacred realm is more impressive. Pietro Toesca's 1951 publication, Altichiero Da Zevio, clarified the artist's identity. Since then, modern scholarship has struggled to separate Altichiero's work from the work of Jacopo Avanzi.

Altichiero da Zevio is credited with the creation of the Veronese school of painting. He was a follower of Giotto and is generally credited with founding the Veronese school. His paintings are found in Padua, Sant'Antonio, and Sant'Ana, and are a significant part of the architecture of these cities.

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