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The artist Christoph Amberger was born in Augsburg, Germany, in 1514. He became famous during the late sixteenth century for his portraits of the Emperor Charles V, and his works are similar to those of Holbein. However, his style is marked by strong Venetian influences. Amberger may have visited Italy in the mid-1520s and was perhaps inspired by the style of the country. His most famous works are those of the Emperor, and his portraits of the emperor have become iconic.

Amberger's work is distinguished by a wealth of detail and documentation. Although he rarely signed his paintings, his portraits are a great source of information about his subjects' lives. In 1526, Amberger visited Venice and the Italian town of Murano, and he came back with a strong influence from Titian. His portraits of the merchant families of Augsburg are among the best examples of his artistic talent.

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