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Friedrich von Amerling was an Austro-Hungarian portrait painter working in the court of Franz Josef. He was a leading portrait artist in the court between 1835 and 1880. He collaborated with the famous German artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller to produce some of the most beautiful paintings in the era. In 1840, Amerling became the court painter and was appointed to work under the direction of his friend and colleague, Carl Gustav Klimt.

Amerling's first major commission was a painting of a woman on a train. While in Prague, he studied art under his uncle Henry. In 1827, he visited Paris, Rome, and the Netherlands before returning to Vienna on an official call. In 1829, he was awarded the Reichel Prize for his portraits by the Vienna Academy. During the next few years, he traveled to other parts of Europe to paint, and his works can still be found in Austria today.

Amerling's work is unique. He created more than 1000 paintings during his lifetime. His works were exhibited in Vienna in 2003. In addition to his paintings, Amerling was married four times during his lifetime. He married Antonie Kaltenthaler in 1832, but she died in 1843. In the years following, he married Katharina Heissler, whom he had previously divorced. In 1839, Amerling went to Paris and studied under Horace Vernet. From there, he traveled to Egypt, Palestine, and the Netherlands.

Amerling studied art in Prague and later traveled to London. He worked for the Vienna aristocracy and the middle class and visited Rome and Paris. In 1828, he won the Reichel prize at the Academy of Arts in Vienna. During this time, he traveled to the Netherlands, Italy, and the Netherlands and honed his skills as a painter. Amerling travelled throughout the world during his lifetime.

Amerling had a great influence on the development of art in Austria. He was influenced by the English portrait painter Sir Thomas Lawrence. He returned to Vienna where he continued his studies, where he worked for the aristocracy and court. After a few years, he received the Reichel prize. Among his many masterpieces are his famous portraits of his beloved wife, Emilie Heinrich.

Amerling's career was marked by a number of important exhibitions. His works were admired by high-class patrons. He became the most famous portrait painter in Austria and is revered by art historians. In 1835, Amerling married his first wife, Emilie Heinrich. They were married for fifteen years. After the death of Amerling's mother, they had children and had a successful marriage.

Amerling received numerous honors and awards during his lifetime. He received the Orden der Eisernen krone in 1829 and had a beautiful home in Vienna. His life story was filled with high achievements. His life was marked by the death of his father in 1887. Amerling's work is preserved in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna. Amerling's portraits have won numerous awards and accolades.

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