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The Early Renaissance Italian painter Fra Angelico is considered to be one of the greatest painters of the period. Vasari described him as having "rare and perfect talent." His fame has grown ever since his series of frescoes for his own friary in Florence. His masterpieces include the frescoes of St. Peter's Basilica, San Lorenzo in Vesuvio, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and his own frescoes for his own Florence friary.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a major exhibition of Fra Angelico's work. This exhibition lasted from October 26, 2005, to January 29, 2006. Arthur C. Danto wrote a review of this exhibition for The Nation. The Metropolitan Museum of Arts' catalog for the show, Italian Paintings of the Florentine School, contains a detailed article on the artist. It also includes information on Fra Angelico's life and career.

As a member of the Dominican Order, Angelico received a new title, fra. The term "frate" is derived from the Latin word frater, "brother." While this might seem a strange choice for an artist, it is the customary practice for holy-order members to change their names to distinguish themselves from others. However, this practice did not apply to Angelico. His first recorded vocation as a friar was in 1423.

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