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Sophonisba Anguissola is a famous Renaissance painter. He was also known as Angussola and Angusciola. He was born in Cremona, Italy into a noble family. He painted religious paintings and remained a popular artist for many years. His work is found in churches, libraries, and private collections. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes.

Anguissola was a society painter who spent her later years in Genoa. She died there in 1579. She met her future husband on a trip to Cremona. In 1584, she married a sea merchant, Orazio Lomellino, and they married in Pisa on 24 December. The couple had no children and lived in Genoa until their death in 1620. Their daughter, Catherine Lomellino, was Queen Philip II's consort. When her paintings became famous, she was visited by many artists. However, her eyesight began to fail and her output was limited.

Anguissola was the first female painter to become famous. She received a commission from King Philip II of Spain to paint a portrait of queen Elisabeth of Valois. She painted this portrait on commission from Pope Pius IV and was widely praised for her work. She also painted full-size and miniature portraits of Spanish royals and courtiers. Her paintings were influenced by Luca Cambiaso, and her paintings are highly regarded.

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