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Richard Ansdell RA was a British painter who specialised in genre scenes and paintings of animals. Many of his works depict a scene of a herd of sheep or an ox and are considered to be among his best-known paintings. His genre-scene paintings are now in the Tate Modern. Here are a few of his most popular works. Each one of these paintings is considered to be a masterpiece.

Ansdell produced 149 portraits, mainly of rural settings. He painted many animals and sportsmen. His subjects often included the countryside and Scottish wildlife. In addition to landscapes, Ansdell also painted historical scenes and religious scenes. He spent a great deal of time in Scotland and Lancashire, where he was inspired by the natural beauty of the region. In 1857, he travelled to Spain with his friend and fellow painter John Phillip.

Ansdell collaborated with William Powell Frith and Thomas Creswick in rural genre scenes. His output was immense and his work is still being discovered today. He worked with a variety of different styles and subjects. While his paintings are known for their representation of a wide variety of subjects, his famous depictions of dogs are perhaps his most renowned. Ansdell died in 1885 at his home in Collingwood Tower in Farnborough, Hampshire, where he had been living since 1870.

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