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The paintings of José Claudio Antolinez are among the best-known examples of Baroque art. His works feature a mixture of classical and Baroque styles and portray a wealth of diverse subject matter. While his work is known for its enigmatic characters and bold, vivid colors, he is also well-known for his realistic and humanistic depictions of nature. As one of the most important artists of the Spanish Baroque period, his works still inspire admiration and appreciation of his work today.

Although his paintings are well-known worldwide, few people know the artist's early life. His training as a painter was completed in Madrid, and he began to develop his style while working in the studio of Francisco Rizi. Antolinez was a bit of a jokester, often making fun of his colleagues and critics. He often called Itizi a "wall ornamenter," a reference to his own decoration of the palace hall of comedies. It is thought that this act was motivated by jealousy, and he did not want to look like an imitator. However, Antolinez was a highly skilled artist.

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