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Antonello da Messina was a painter from Messina, Sicily. His proper name was Antonello degli Antoni, but he was also known as Anthony of the town of Mesina. He was active during the Early Italian Renaissance. His work is widely regarded and continues to attract fans of art today. The artist is known for his paintings of religious figures and landscapes. In addition to his landscapes and portraits, he is also well-known for his work.

His paintings of the Virgin Annunciation are the most famous and celebrated. They date back to Antonello's time in Venice, and they are considered art icons. The painting's masterful orchestration of backlight and light sources make it a masterpiece. The painting's unique composition makes it possible to look directly at the subject. But there's another, more contemporary version of the Virgin Annunciation from Palermo. It breaks apart traditional compositional elements and achieves a bold, contemporary effect.

The most important piece of art by Antonello is the Lomellini Tryptych, which belongs to King Alfonso V of Aragon. Although his life was short, his work remains one of the finest examples of southern Italian Renaissance art. While there are no specific documents on Antonello's early years, his work shows a wide range of influences and is a good example of the eclectic nature of southern Italian artistic culture.

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