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Model: Peter Nicolai Arbo-001

"Asgardsreien" by Peter Nicolai Arbo depicts the story of the Wild Hunt of Odin. The painting is based on a poem by Johan Sebastian Welhaven and is housed in the National Museum of Art in Oslo. The original work is oil on canvas and measures 169 x 241 cm.

While a realism approach may have a modern connotation, this work was actually made several hundred years ago. The artist, based in Norway, used his own heritage and training to create a new genre for himself. He took the elements of the traditional Norwegian landscape and incorporated them into his painting. During the late nineteenth century, this new style of painting became popular in Norway.

While the eerie atmosphere of the Asgardsreien is frightening, the painting is still visually stunning. The gloomy and moonlit sky is reminiscent of medieval Nordic landscape paintings. In contrast to the ominous and menacing atmosphere of these landscapes, the painting is a resounding success. The contrast between light and shadow, nearness and distance, and the dark and light of the Asgardsreien makes the image all the more imposing and effective.

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