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Dutch painter Jan Asselijn was born in Dieppe, France. He was influenced by the paintings of Pieter van Laer and the Bentvueghels, a group of northern painters known for their sunny landscapes and scenes of everyday life. His work is most famous for his animal and landscape paintings, which are based on his studies of the Roman landscapes. The artist's life was short. In 1644, he married Antoinette Huart, a wealthy merchant's daughter. He spent the next few years living in Paris before returning to Amsterdam, where he produced his best works.

Asselijn's first commission was a landscape painting of the town of Dieppe in Italy, which he painted at the turn of the seventeenth century. The painting was commissioned by an Italian merchant who wanted to make a'satellite' in the style of the Bamboccio. He later moved to Antwerp to study under Van Eyck, where he was introduced to the art of the Bentvueghels.

Asselijn had a withered hand and was short in stature. He was also nicknamed the 'petit Jean Hollandois' in France and 'Krabbetje' in Bentvueghels. His portraits, landscapes and still-lifes are some of his most well-known works. There are many museums around the world that showcase the paintings of Jan Asselijn.

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