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The art of Autumn Painting is a classic, yet underrated form of landscape painting. This season is often associated with the harvest season, but this art form evokes a feeling of all four seasons. Many artists use the same subject, but it is important to note that different styles of autumn paintings are distinctly different. The first type of autumn painting is a genre of paintings that depicts a specific season. It is best to consider the style of the painting before you make a decision.

One of the most popular paintings of fall is a painting by Albert Bierstadt. It is a beautiful, detailed portrayal of autumn woods. The golden hue of the foliage is a striking contrast to the cold, winter weather. The German-American artist used large brush strokes and a rich color palette to portray the grandeur of Western America. The painting embodies the beauty of the fall season and the feeling of isolation and loneliness associated with it.

Other popular paintings of autumn include Claude Monet's Autumn Woods and Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Harvest. Both of these artists captured the beauty of the autumn season with their artwork. Both Bruegel and Hopper took full advantage of the changing colors of the season to create a beautiful work of art. The seasons have always fascinated these two artists, and they have continued to do so. And now you can order museum quality oil painting reproduction of those beautiful paintings at affordable cost.

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