Autumn Poplars 1894


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Camille Pissarro's painting, "Autumn Poplars, Eragny" is a classic example of impressionism. It depicts the colorful beauty of the trees lining the River Epte in the French countryside. 

The Impressionists pushed boundaries in their art. These painters interpreted the world around them in new ways. While Seurat used tight dots to create his recognizable landscapes, Pissarro employed loose brushstrokes that appear like dabs of paint. This style of painting gave rise to a new movement in the art world, which led to some of the most beautiful paintings.

In Autumn Poplars, Pissarro adapted the tight-dot technique of Seurat and painted the trees with a more fluid style. The result looks like dabs of paint. In contrast, Seurat's work is dominated by crisp, clean lines and a vibrant palette. Whether you are looking for a romantic or a natural scene, Pissarro's work will appeal to your sense of adventure.

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