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Hendrick Avercamp (1608-1665) was a Dutch painter who lived in Kampen. Born in Amsterdam, he studied with Danish-born Pieter Isaacks, and it is thought he also studied with David Vinckboons. After leaving Amsterdam, he moved to Kampen in the province of Overijssel, where he lived until his death. In 1655, he was awarded a Dutch knighthood, and became a well-known painter.

Avercamp's early landscape paintings are highly narrative in nature. The images are full of spooky, dark-and-sunny details. During his lifetime, he produced approximately 100 landscapes, most of which are now in museums. Some of his best-known works are Little Ice Age and the Rijksmuseum. Avercamp's art has also been collected by many artists.

The paintings of Hendrick Avercamp are known for their vivid winter scenes. The deaf and dumb artist grew up in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. He was baptized at the Oude Kerk in 1585, and in 1586 his family moved to Kampen. His father had opened an apothecary there, and Hendrick's younger brother Lambert took over the business. However, the deaf and dumb Avercamp never married or moved to Amsterdam.

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