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One of the Utrecht Caravaggisti, Dutch painter Dirck Jaspersz. van Baburen is better known as the painter of The Virgin and the Child. His paintings are famous for their delicate detail and subtle colouring. In his later years, he specialised in portraits and landscapes. His work is considered to be among his best. But his work remains in demand even today. If you want to know more about this famous artist, you can read about his life and his art.

During his time in Italy, Baburen painted numerous works for churches and palaces. He decorated the Pieta Chapel in San Pietro in Montorio, and was commissioned by the Marchese Vicenzo Giustiniani, one of the greatest maecenas of the Renaissance. It took him eight to nine years to complete his Italian works, and he returned to Utrecht in 1621.

In the early 1620s, Baburen returned to Utrecht, where he spent time with his friend Hendrick Terbrugghen. His art reflected the influence of Caravaggio, and the Christ Crowned with Thorns in Montorio is a fine example. In addition to religious subjects, Baburen also painted genre scenes. He completed the Pieta Chapel of S. Pietro in Montorio between 1615 and 1620.

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