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The late Italian painter, Marcello Bacciarelli, was a patron and admirer of the arts. He married Federicka Richter in Dresden, a well-known woman painter. He painted numerous portraits of the royal family of Warsaw, including that of the empress Izabela Lubomirska in her wedding gown. His works reflect his patronage and admiration of the arts.

Born in Rome, Bacciarelli trained under the painter Marco Benefial and later became a painter for the royal court of Poland. He later moved to Vienna and Warsaw, where he worked with the famous artist Bernardo Bellotto. In 1786, he was appointed the Director-General of the Royal buildings in Dresden. In the same year, he was elected to several academies.

In 1751, Bacciarelli travelled to Dresden, Saxony, and met Bernardo Bellotto. They later worked together for many years. In 1756, he moved to Vienna and worked as a portraitist for the aristocracy. In 1764, he returned to Warsaw to paint the portraits of the aristocracy there. In 1768, he was appointed director of the Academy of Arts in Warsaw and the Royal Buildings and Estates in Vienna.

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