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A German-born Dutch painter, draughtsman, calligrapher, and printmaker, Ludolf Backhuysen was best known for his marine subjects. He also specialised in painting portraits of his friends and family, as well as portraits of his family members. His work is regarded as some of the finest in Dutch maritime painting.

Although Backhuysen produced many works that he later regretted, his paintings are still highly regarded today. His works include seascapes, allegorical compositions, townscapes, and portraits. In addition to painting landscapes and seascapes, he was also an accomplished calligrapher. He married four times and died in Amsterdam, where he was buried.

After joining the Amsterdam guild of painters in 1663, Backhuysen began to exhibit his work in the city. He sold his paintings in Amsterdam, where he became famous as a painter. His portraits of Dutch people were popular and he had several masterpieces. The earliest of these works were titled "Voices of Nature." Some of his most famous paintings were of the Dutch countryside and of the sea.

His early years were difficult, but he continued to produce beautiful work. He exhibited his paintings throughout the Netherlands. His works, such as his seascapes and oil portraits, soon became sought after. In 1668, Backhuysen had a son who followed in his footsteps. In the late 1660s, he settled in Amsterdam. The artist's reputation and his artistic abilities soon made him a popular artist.

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