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Sisto Badalocchio Rosa was an Italian painter and engraver. He was part of the Bolognese School. Often referred to as a 'Sensio d'Arte', his paintings and engravings are characterized by their realistic style and vivid colors. His portraits of famous Italian figures are among the most popular works of the Bolognese School.

Born in Parma, Sisto Badalocchio Rosa studied with Agostino Carracci in Bologna. He also worked with Annibale in Rome. While studying under Carracci, he was inspired by his master's examples. He created the "Raphael Bible" series which features Raphael's workshop in the loggia of the Vatican. He also painted a dome fresco in Reggio Emilia, a work that is characteristic of the entire Carracci family.

Although his paintings are highly valued today, Sisto Badalocchio was a prolific artist. His works have been offered at auction numerous times. The realized prices of his works range from $241 to $385,002, with the highest sale of $385,002 USD in 2002. The work was exhibited at the Galleria Borghese in Rome, where it sold for the record price of 385,002.

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