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At the begining of 19th-century of France, scenery artwork was barely defined by an artistic rule which was supported by the conventional French Academy. Artists as well as sculptors had been very carefully educated in way of the Neoclassical practice to be able to imitate famous Renaissance works of art. According to the Academy, real landscape art will not be a privilege. Usually, landscape painters may desire to create an perfect nature motivated by historic poems.

The artists of the Barbizio school acutally were component of the art movement in the direction of Realism in fine art, which in turn occurred negative credit the dominant Romantic Movement of that time period. During 1830 to 1870 period, it is the Barbizon school's peak time.The name is actually taken from a villiage of Barbizon, the place where lots of the painters working here. One of the most well known things about this school are its tonal characteristics, shade, loose brushwork, in addition to  form softness.

Regardless of the difference of artists of the Barbizon School in their age, concept, education, as well as way of life, they seems jointly accepted their natural landscape, especially the vibrant landscape from the Fontainebleau forest. These people embraced the acknowledgement of scenery due to the fact  of an individual topic, a enthusiasm to display these kinds of artwork in the conventional Salon, not to mention a mutually strengthening enjoyment in nature.

The Barbizon School painters tend to be thought to get planted the seeds of Modernism using their personal image, and additionally were the forerunners of the Impressionists. One of the most well-known Barbizio school artist is Theodore Rousseau. Realist artists Camille Corot together with Jean-Francois Millet are also occasionally linked with Barbizio school.

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