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If you're looking for an English painter with a distinct style, consider the work of Thomas Barker of Bath. This painter specialized in rural life and landscapes, and is perhaps best known for his evocative landscape paintings. His work is both picturesque and hauntingly beautiful. His works are truly enchanting, and you'll be sure to fall in love with his work. Here's a look at some of his most enduring works.

As a young man, Thomas Barker lived in Bath, a city not far from the English countryside. His early artistic pursuits involved copying Old Masters from Europe. He was able to take advantage of his father's ample funds to travel to Rome and learn more about the Italian Renaissance. After a brief sojourn in London, Barker returned to Bath, where he continued to exhibit his paintings.

After graduating from Bath's art school, Barker went on to study in France. In Paris, Barker studied with Horace Vernet, a portrait painter who collaborated with Benjamin Disraeli and General Nelson. The artist's work included Napoleon at Bassano, General Williams leaving Kass, and Lord Clive's relief of Lucknow. His later work is a mixture of landscapes, and portraits.

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