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Evaristo Baschenis was an Italian Baroque painter active in Bergamo. He is often credited with creating a more realistic world. His paintings have a unique style that can't be compared to other artists of his time. His work is highly regarded among art historians. In fact, he is one of the most important artists of the age. 

Born in Bergamo, Evaristo Baschenis was a prolific artist who created more than fifty paintings, including many still lifes. While he studied to become a priest, he also worked as a painter. Although he was primarily known for his religious works, he also worked as an interior designer. He exhibited his work at numerous museums throughout Europe, but his work is not exhibited there.

Evaristo Baschenis lived in Bergamo his entire life. He was a priest and had originally studied for a priesthood. However, his passion for painting was so great that he ended up pursuing a career as a painter. His musical instruments still lifes are unique among 17th century artists and are reminiscent of Dutch still-life painters of the same period. These paintings show his influence on Caravaggio.

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