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Model: Briullov-005

This beautiful piece of art is not just a reproduction of the famous painting, but also represents the beauty of nature. It depicts the life of Queen Bathsheba. She was the wife of King David, and was also the mother of King Salomon. She was also the esposa of Uriah, who died while in her service. While Goethe's painting is a masterpiece of its own, Bryullov managed to depict her in a way that makes it all the more beautiful.

The artist Karl Brullov spent three years escrit Bathsheba, but never completed it. He found his true vocation in portrait painting, which led him to the pinnacle of the pictorial world. His heroes are typically attractive and appealing, and this is especially true of Bathsheba. The oil on canvas version of Bathsheba by Karl Bryulov is a gorgeous example of this style of art.

About our oil painting reproduction of Bathsheba by Karl Brullov

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