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James Carroll Beckwith was a well-known American landscape, portrait, and genre painter, known for his Naturalist style. His works reflected a wide range of emotions and themes, including rural life, seaside scenes, and landscapes. His work is considered a key figure in the late nineteenth-century American art scene. A lifelong lover of the outdoors, Beckwith created a wide range of beautiful works that would make any viewer wish to visit his paintings.

His career as an artist began when he was still a teenager. His father, N. M. Beckwith, served as the United States commissioner-general at the 1867 Paris Exposition. He studied at the Chicago Academy of Design until the fire destroyed the school. At age sixteen, he studied at the National Academy of Design under Lemuel Wilmarth. His artistic interests were cultivated further during his time in Paris, where he spent a year studying with a French impressionist, Jean-Auguste Cézanne.

Beckwith honed his skills while studying under Carolus-Duran, an assistant to John Singer Sargent. He admired Italian paintings and was drawn to Veronese, and used a print of Madonna in Glory with Saint Sebastian and Other Saints as his muse for this work. Although this work is highly personal, the work is a strong indication of Beckwith's love of the arts and the Renaissance.

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