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Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraaten was a well-known Dutch painter who painted landscapes and marine art. His paintings depict the events of the Dutch-Swedish War and the First Anglo-Dutch War. Some of his most popular works include the Battle of the Little Mermaid and The Windmills of May. In addition to his famous marine art, he also produced portraits of several of his friends and family members.

Although closely related to his brother Abraham, Anthonie Beerstraten was an artist in her own right. The RKD registers two paintings that are attributed to Anthonie, which are not as good as those by Abraham. He also painted the same view of a southern seaport in 1664. The earliest work that bears the signature of his sister Anthonie is the Old Town Hall of Kampen, which hangs in the former city hall of Alphen aan den Rijn. If the painting is not of a higher grade than the one attributed to Abraham, C. Hofstede de Groot classified it as an Anthonie painting.

Among other works by Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraaten, we can find paintings that depict scenes of the First Anglo-Dutch War and the Dutch-Swedish War. The artist's first marriage ended in 1642, but he was married again in 1665. He had eleven children during his first marriage and three more after that. His second marriage led to the birth of his eldest son, Jan Albertus van Beeck.

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