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George Bellows, an American artist, was an innovator in the field of portraiture. He explored new forms of looking that became a part of everyday life and mass visual entertainment. He invited viewers to engage in urban looking by using his work to transform the conventions of portraiture and emerging popular visual media. His works are important examples of how art can reflect the ever-changing experience of contemporary life. Here are a few of his most famous works.

While studying at Ohio State, Bellows was encouraged to be a professional baseball player. He also worked as a commercial illustrator, and continued accepting magazine assignments throughout his career. Despite the encouragement of his professors, Bellows ultimately decided to focus on painting and attended the New York School of Art. He studied under Robert Henri and became a full member of the Academy in 1913. The next year, he married Emma Story and produced two daughters.

In addition to creating paintings, Bellows also created prints and drawings. He was a pioneer in the world of lithography. He created a variety of lithographs that were printed on paper, including a number of early examples of comics. He also made illustrations for college and university publications. However, he eventually dropped out of college and decided to study art. In 1904, he moved to New York, where he studied under Robert Henri and fellow artists such as Rockwell Kent, Edward Hopper, and Guy Pene du Bois.

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