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Born in Haarlem, Gerrit Berckheyde was a Dutch painter. He lived and worked in Haarlem and the Hague. His paintings were known for their scenic depictions of architecture. He was influenced by his brother, Job Adriaensz Berckheyde, who painted everyday life and religious scenes. Among his best known paintings are the views of the city of Haarlem.

Gerrit Berckheyde had an interesting life. Although he never settled in the Netherlands, he painted a number of vistas and interiors of churches. While he never settled in Amsterdam, he sketched his paintings in Haarlem and returned there to finish them. His earliest painting, a view of the new town hall on the Dam, bears an autograph inscription stating it was created in Haarlem in 1668.

Berckheyde's work was very influential, and many of his works are still in private collections. His oeuvre is dominated by his famous Bakenessergracht. This canal, which was a popular spot in Haarlem, is a striking example of his art. A canal with three sides, with one side shaded and one in the sun, is a perfect place for a brewer to give last instructions. This evokes the brewing process of the city of Haarlem.

Unlike many other Dutch artists, Gerrit Berckheyde concentrated on painting urban scenes. His landscapes were often highly detailed, with buildings that resembled actual objects. This characteristic made his paintings very popular. His works have a topographical character. As a result, they have a strong representation of real buildings. This is a good indication of his ability to capture the mood of a place.

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