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An English painter, printmaker, and poet, William Blake was virtually unknown during his lifetime. However, he is now considered a seminal figure of the Romantic Age. Though his work remained largely unrecognized during his lifetime, it is now widely recognized as an essential part of the history of the Romantic Age. 

After completing his formal education at St. Martin's School in London, Blake moved to Felpham, where he spent time traveling through the country and London. There, he had his first vision of angelic wings in a tree. These visions would influence much of his subsequent work. This is why some of his most famous paintings are Biblical scenes. And despite his religious beliefs, his work was highly influenced by the ideas of his religion.

The apocalyptic themes of Blake's work are not surprising. His poetry, engraving, and painting are all rooted in the same spiritual beliefs. In many of his texts, he incorporates biblical and local locations, alluding to contemporary events and seeking millennial conclusions. In The Accusers of Theft Adultery Murder and Albion Rose, he uses the mystical and supernatural to explore the meaning of life.

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