Decorating the house with oil painting reproductions resembles adorning ourselves with jewels. Paintings should be chosen for your house in such a way as befits the décor of your house. Art reproductions and prints can transform the overall look of the room if one can accordingly coordinate the rest of the contents of the room-the furniture, the lighting and the wall color and other works of sculpture placed in the room. A museum quality oil painting reproduction gives a lot of peace and solace to the onlooker’s eyes and gives your house a personal touch.

Today, i want to introduce a popular Klimt reproduction which is perfect for bedroom and it one of the 100 most famous paintings.

The portrait of Adele-bloch-bauer


This majestic portrait of a beautiful lady called Adele bloch-bauer was painted by the Australian Symbolic painter Gustav Klimt which was completed between 1903 and 1907. The painter, through this portrait, has celebrated the elegance of Lady Adele in all its grandeur and she has been eternalized through this painting. Her facial expressions are candid which makes her appear elegant and intellectual (and which she truly was, being a wealthy society woman and a hostess of a renowned Viennese salon). Her attire and makeup is that of an elite society woman, aware of her coveted position in the world. She is seen sitting on a golden throne, the emblem of royalty, while her eyes reflect the emotions of a phenomenal romantic, lending a certain innocent charm to her facial features.

This exquisite portrait of the ravishing beauty of Lady Adele, also known as The Woman in Gold, if placed in the living room of your house, is sure to hold the guests spellbound. The Painting being covered in yellow would blend exceptionally well with wall colors of various yellow shades. Accordingly, if you can coordinate the furniture and the lighting, one would feel transported to another world by the ethereal beauty of the painting. Imagine a dark room lighted by yellow fairy lights admist a yellow lantern lamp hung on the wall above the portrait, and complemented by furniture in brown. Such an ambience is sure to provide a feel of wholesomeness to your room and the painting seems to come alive in such a decorative setting. The painting can also be embellished with golden frame and put up against white background. Figurines made of white marble can be placed beside the portrait to augment to its beauty. The painting can be put up in any place in the house which is not cluttered with other stuffs as then the beauty of the painting is not likely to shine through. Even the wall adjoining the staircase in your house can prove to be a worthy place for the magnificent portrait.

Paintings have their own way of making your house beautiful. Their careful selection and suitable arrangement of the décor of the room is crucial to enable the painting to complement the look of your room. Every painting is unique and has its own story to tell. Hence they should be given their due importance and placed in their designated corners of the house.

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