Art has always fascinated me because it’s so subjective, you can see so many different profound things with one image but there are some objective truths behind these famous paintings. Why they look the way they do?

Here’s some cool history, let’s talk about the Internet’s most tragic face, Vincent van Gogh or van Gogh. I don’t know anymore one of his most famous pieces is the starry night. The painting seems to be a composite of a few different things in the foreground. There’s a cypress tree which is often associated with cemeteries and mourning in the distance is a city, which could either be software me or a place inspired by Van Gogh’s memory of the Netherlands. All of this is set in a landscape that mimics his view from outside his window in st. Paul Asylum in South grammys. Of all and looming above it all in that picture sky with van Gogh’s famous halos swirling around the stars. Now he has always been a fan of yellow, whether it’s because his vision was literally painted due to the overconsumption of absence or digitalis or King just like the colors, but those halos may have actually been how he viewed the world. If the event, is famous for eating or trying to eat paint not because he thought he was ingesting happiness but because he wanted to kill himse. lf he was not a happy guy and gladly is not a good snack symptoms of lead poisoning, include abdominal pain mood disorders and swollen retinas this can cause a halo to appear around lights not unlike the effect in the starry night.

Van Gogh starry night

American Gothic by Grant Wood which is listen his name is Grant Wood on twelve and extremely abused. Anyway, the painting was inspired by a real house, the devil house in Eldon Iowa, specifically that window that would just thought looked so ridiculous. This pretentious church like window on this swingley cardboard house. He wanted to paint the people you find the such a home and for his models. He chose his sister and his business weird choice right dentist well the thing is Brentwood and dr.

Byron McKee be may have actually been on pretty familiar terms,since Woods was a sugar addict beyond coffee and cakes. he spinkle it on lettuce and tomatoes and side notes as for that window he made so much fun of it, may have actually been pretty practical for moving large pieces of furniture. It was a wide opening that to be used instead of the narrow stairs indoors. You know when pivoting would it work. Takes an honest look at the most curious parts of our world and shares it with you from the connection between skyscrapers and economic crises to emojis.

Let’s talk about Edvard Munch’s the scream or then you should call it the scream because there are fortify versions floating around. There’s the most famous 1893 tempera on cardboard along with the 1893 crayons on cardboard, then the most expensive 1895 pastel on cardboard and Alessa grassman’s from the same year and finally in 1910 there’s the second screen with tempera on cardboard. Basically there’s a lot of screaming now. There are three interesting aspects to this picture. The perspective, the screamer and the sky so the painting is a composite of two perspectives on expert hill in Oslo Norway. The foreground along the road and the background from a cliff or under 20 feet above. Now the screamer may not be a really anguished emoji or it may have been inspired by a Peruvian mummy that was a part of the 1880 World’s Fair in Paris, it would have been strange since miss mummy served as a model in all gogans.

Where do we come from what are we where are we going, a title I can only imagine he came up with on a road trip but finally the sky a really vibrant blood orange okay. It’s red so on the 80 to 95 pastel version munch edge the poem on the frame. It goes I was walking along the road with two friends the Sun was setting the sky turned blood-red and I felt a wave of sadness, I pause tired to death above the blue black yard and city blood and flaming tongue covered. My friends walked on, I stayed behind quaking with eggs. I felt the great scream in nature pushing aside the emo lyrics. It would seem that the sky was the result of a normal Setting Sun but there exist sketches of the screen from 1885 onward and there’s something very interesting that occurred during that time the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. Now this was not some boring explosion. Krakatoa in Indonesia killed more than 36,000 people, it cost tsunamis whose remnant were felt all the way in the English Channel, it caused earthquakes that reached Australia and it shot so much volcanic ash into the sky that its effects lingered for a few years.

One interesting effect was a color shift the ash clouds darken the sky and all around the world sunsets from east coast America to Britain to Norway, became a vibrant vivid red and it’s possible that this is the sunset that much saw while walking with his friends red like blood and fire and in it he heard a scream well that was just some cool history on famous paintings now what about you guys what is your favorite piece of art tell me down below my favorite is your face if you enjoyed this episode or you just want to support the show consider getting like share and subscribe but either way have a lovely day don’t forget to check out zoetic I recommend this video about the danger of the light or if you want some cool history on famous paintings that were digital I check out this video both a great time what one don’t know what that voice was