I have been getting a lot of questions via email on Instagram and even Facebook asking the question: is Van Gogh or I should say was van Gogh really an artist? A good artist right somebody that who could paint in a way that nobody else could. And there’s another artist that a lot of people asked me about, and of course, it’s one of my favorites very misunderstood artists as well.

Of course, Jackson Pollock. Everybody wants to know were they really good artists? Because a lot of us look at especially Jackson Pollock’s work right and we say anybody could do that. My kid can do that if I drop paint, kick it over on accident I could do that and even van Gogh, a lot of people say they appreciate his work like starry night or maybe sunflowers or his doctor Paul go shut that portrait.

Everybody loves that work but then at the end of the day, I don’t like you know you didn’t really do that much sure if he would have he said he was good because he used a lot of bright colors but he wasn’t as good as I think he could be. Because he didn’t do the word right realism, so let’s talk about that so realism I love it okay. It’s it’s a skill I have some friends to do photo realism. It is insane the skill level that it takes to paint like that. Now they’re taking it in a different direction that’s somebody like a rim brain or something state you know took it, but at the end of the day, realism is very very difficult to do. It’s and it’s a unique skill. It is, but don’t get me wrong. I have other friends who can do not only that realism but they also can stretch it into abstract, so they’re taking realism into a totally different direction, so take it let’s take van Gogh just for example, if you actually research the artist and you go back and you look at where he started and when he was actually, you know on whether he was studying with an tamo or before that. When he was taking some classes.

I don’t get a don’t go into all of that in the episode, just because it would have been like an hour long an episode but seriously should dig into this when Van Gogh started he could paint he could color he could sketch realism he could do realism he could have he could have painted just like the artists of the day. He could have done that and made everybody happy right like maybe he could have made a lot of money or maybe he could have done right the classic like tons of portraits, and just that photorealistic mode and even Jackson Pollock, it’s the same thing. If you look back at his early work, he didn’t start off abstract and he doing these you know incredible impressionistic. Just you know very action painting you know pieces he started off, learning how to do realism and he could have continued that as well, but there’s something right if you’re an artist or you’re someone who loves to create and you start creating and then you start getting exposed to different works right, whether it’s Jackson Pollock van Gogh whoever, it is these guys very similar in the way that they were exposed to a lot of different art.

Van Gogh, by the way when he was in Paris, especially he was going to art exhibits all the time, he was going around in different museums, getting exposed to all kinds of different work, he was also of course meeting with artists who were working in that time. He was getting exposed by them to Japanese woodcuts too. I mean the guy was being exposed exposing himself to all different types of art and the same with Jackson Pollock, as we do know right the action painting we believe came from him seeing some sand paintings done right. Some drips and paintings but the point is these guys there’s just there was something and it wasn’t just guys it was you know Mary Cassatt. There was a lot of artists at this time who were trying to figure out what’s next and they’re trying to take the old and compose it and move it into something new now. Because what we see on the front end right and especially as even artists today, you look at their work and you think something some are just not right and you’re like oh man. What is that? It’s garbage! I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense, and then we always want to go back to that crutch of. If it’s realism and I can see it and understand it. I can make complete sense of it, then it must be good art. I say it’s not good art but at the end of the day, a lot of artists they could do that they have that skill set right but they’re choosing not to do it, because they’re just like.

I mean I get this way, there’s something in you that’s like. I’ve got to create something unique. I want to keep moving, like I could do that but something inside of me is like pushing and pushing and pushing and I have to get it out and and what’s so cool to me, right for me looking at Jackson Pollock and Van Gogh, they could have done that but he I mean they didn’t sell out it. In any sense of the word, if anything they took those the most difficult path now, obviously, Jackson Pollock saw quite a bit of Fame at his time. Van Gogh not so much, but point being is, they could have just followed the crowd and done when everybody else defined as really good art.

I love love studying dead artists you know. There is something about going and seeing a current artists working and it doesn’t have to be in New York. There are a lot of ones in New York. They’re really cool even locally for me here. I love talking artists who are just trying to find their way right. They’re just making their own path and they’re developing and they’re creating and they’re destroying. They’re taking part of me. It’s the same way like if you’re building a car or anything else. It’s essentially what Apple did. Taking these apart, moving, changing, developing, but nonetheless, so to the question of a lot of people have emailed me, is like this, is just junk. I don’t get it what’s the big deal? The big deal is they were like just trailblazing creativity and even though you could kick over a can of paint or something and maybe it looks.

I’ll argue whether you could actually do that or an elephant that’s always the classic one right. These guys they developed to that point and they could have done something else, but again, I can’t tell you how important it is that give you want to create something unique and you’re feeling like you got to go this direction. You’re just fearful that man, somebody’s not gonna like it maybe I’m are you gonna do it right you gotta do it. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them, open those particular episode certainly the new Vanga one.

I’m obsessed with Van Gogh right now, because I’ve read way too many biographies on them. Please give me some feedback.