Blossoming Almond Tree


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Painting Price: $175.00
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Model: Vincent Van Gogh-025

Painting Name: Blossoming Almond Tree
Artist: Van Gogh, Vincent
Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas
Original Size: 73.5 x 92.0 cm

Blossoming Almond Tree is on the list of most famous Van Gogh's artworks as well as one of most popular oil painting reproductions.  This artwork is regarded as a little selection which Vincent created with a specific people in mind--his nephew.  Blossoming trees mean a lot to Van Gogh,they are symbolized awakening and hope. Van Gogh really loved them aesthetically and he found happiness in blossoming trees. This blossoming almond tree represent Impressionist, Divisionist along with Japanese woodcut influences. We have a few talented artists who are good at Van Gogh's art reproductions. Please check testimonials area to find out some paintings we done for other customers. They are very close to the original no matter in colors, details or brushstrokes.


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