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Model: Kandinsky Wassily-049

"Blue by Kandinsky Wassily" is an important piece of art history. It was created by the Russian artist during the Bauhaus movement and features bright colors, shapes, and black lines to invoke deep thought. Its subject matter has inspired generations of artists. And it was even the subject of a neuro-scientific study to help the artist understand the human brain and what he saw. As the painting's subject matter grew, so did its significance.

This painting is a fascinating example of a transition from impressionism to modern abstract art. It's one of the last impressionist works that Kandinsky created and contains early signs of abstractionism. The artist attributed a special meaning to the color blue, which had a powerful spiritual significance for him. Wassily Kandinsky's monogram is the only rectilinear element in this painting.

The color blue was inspired by an old tapestry discovered in Paris. Its composition is filled with a host of little creatures, giving it a whimsical, optimistic air. The German occupation of Paris made Kandinsky and his wife Nina withdraw to their home in Neuilly. But the paintings remain a popular choice among art lovers. And for good reason. In the midst of World War II, they were a source of inspiration for many artists.

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