Fernando Botero Angulo  is famous for his huge metal sculptures and brilliantly colorful artworks of robust human as well as animal shapes. Botero's unique style, also referred to as "Boterismo", shows folks and figures in big, exaggerated size, which may signify political criticism or perhaps funny, subject to the artwork. He is regarded as one of the most known and quoted living painter of Latin America, and Botero's paintings are available in very visible locations all over the world, for example,  Park Avenue in Nyc and also the Champs Elysees in France.

The artist was born in Medellin of Colombian Andes, on Apr. 19, 1932. His parents, David and Flora Angulo de Botero, were brought up in distant highlands in Andes. David, a traveling sales person who frequently travelled on horses to outlying regions of the city, his father passed away when Botero was four years old, and his mother, Flora financed the household being a seamstress.

Botero's early works were influcend by pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial art and also the political murals of Diego Rivera who was a Mexican painter. Also important were the paintings of his artistic idols during his time, such as Francisco de Goya and Diego Velazquez. Frome early 1950s, Fernando had started learning art in Madrid, where he got income by reproducing artworks hanging inside the Prado and promoting the reproductions to tourists.

Through the entire 1950s, Fernado tried out proportion and size, and then he started creating his unique art style, fat humans and animals after he gone to Ny city in 1960. The inflated size of his subjects, like people of Presidential Family (1967), represent an element of political satire, and they painted making use of flat, bright color along with noticeably outlined forms nod to Latin-American folk art. Fernado has often targeting his symbol situational portraiture even though his paintings contains still-lifes and landscapes.

In 1973, Fernado gone to live in Paris while he achieving a worldwide audience with his paintings , he then started to create sculptures which expanded the basic themes of his art, because he concentrated on his bloated subjects again. Since his sculpture produced, by the 1990s, outdoor shows of large size bronze figures were staged across the world to fantastic success.

Botero turned to the overtly political in 2004, displaying a group of drawings and oil paintings emphasizing the violence in Colombia stemming from drug cartel activities. In 2005, Fernando revealed his "Abu Ghraib" series, according to the studies of American military pushes abusing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in the Iraq War. It took Botero over 14 months to complete the series of paintings, and gained a lot of attention when it was first exhibited in Europe.

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