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Jules Adolphe Aimé Louis Breton was a nineteenth-century French Naturalist painter who specialized in landscape painting. His work reflects the French countryside and his naturalist approach absorbed traditional painting techniques. As one of the first transmittors of rural beauty, his landscape paintings are highly regarded. While most of his work is still based on the countryside, there are also some works that are more abstract.

While working with local artists, Breton also took up writing. In 1842, he published a collection of poems called Jeanne. He also wrote several prose works, including Les Champs et la mer (1876), Nos peintres du siecle (1900), and La Peinture. He died in Paris on July 5, 1906. Despite being a prolific painter, Breton remained a local artist. His oeuvre is largely devoted to his hometown of Artois. Although he travelled to Provence twice, he stayed in the town for only short periods. His paintings are largely influenced by his time living in this region and depict rural life.

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