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A British artist who is associated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, John Brett ARA is best known for his highly detailed landscapes. The artist also painted portraits and still lifes of women. 

The Stonebreaker (1853) was one of Brett's most famous paintings. The image depicted a young boy smashing stones, as well as botanical and geographical details. The painting was highly acclaimed and impressed the influential critic John Ruskin. In 1858, he traveled to Italy and painted the Val d'Aosta region. He purchased this painting, and continued to paint in Italy in the 1860s. In this painting, the artist reenacts his childhood.

While Brett had a brief career on Wall Street, his dedication to the environment inspired him to volunteer his time. He served on the board of directors of the Sharon Audubon Center, which manages three nature sanctuaries in northwest Connecticut. He is also a hospice volunteer and a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor. His diverse interests have helped him become a jack of all trades. While there are a few things he is most passionate about, his passions and interests have been his constant source of inspiration.

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