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The E. G. Bührle Collection is an art museum located in Zürich, Switzerland. It is named after the family that owned the collection and founded it. Bührle's father established the museum and gave it its name. It is housed in the former home of Emil Georg Bührle and is housed in a historic villa adjacent to it. There are more than 2,000 works of art in the Buehrle Collection, ranging from early Renaissance to modernist works of art.

The collection has been the focus of controversy since its creation. In 2005, the Swiss government published a study that uncovered the collection's unrecognized amount of "flight art." This is art that was smuggled out of Nazi-controlled countries and sold at a rock bottom price to avoid confiscation. But the study that revealed the Buehrle's acquisitions did not go into detail, so it is impossible to determine the provenance of any work of art.

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